PolyU Student Branch of the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics


The PolyU Student Branch of the HKIOA was officially established on May, 14th 2013. The branch aims to raise the students’ interest to acoustics, and to maintain the connection between students and professional acousticians in the industry. Thanks to the supports from HKIOA, many students had an exposure to the industry before their graduation.


Founding Committee



Left to right:

- Dr. Randolph C. K. Leung, Student Branch Adviser and Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, PolyU

- Prof. Cheng Li, Chair Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, PolyU

- Ms. Aiko Lo, Secretary of PolyU Student Branch of HKIOA

- Mr. Ken Lam, Chairman of PolyU Student Branch of HKIOA

- Mr. C. Y. Ho, Treasurer of PolyU Student Branch of HKIOA

- Dr. K. W. Cheng, Chairman (2012-2014) of HKIOA



Chairman Handover Ceremony



Left to right:

- Ms. Grace Kwok, Chairlady of HKIOA

- Mr. Ken Lam, Chairman (2013-2014) of PolyU Student Branch of HKIOA

- Mr. Horus Chan, Chairman of PolyU Student Branch of HKIOA




Mission of the Branch – “Connecting Students and Professionals”


Along with the growth of environmental awareness in recent years, tertiary education in Hong Kong is now putting more concern and resources on environmental discipline by introducing many related new programmes/courses to educate and equip students to satisfy the demand on human resources from the industry. The branch aims to act as the bridge between the students and the experienced acoustic professionals so that students can lay foundation in their future career while the acoustic industry can also benefit from the talent bank in the University.


Event Highlights


“Career Sharing by Senior Professionals from Environmental and Acoustics Related Industries”


        With the aim to connect students and professionals in the industry, the branch is keen to acts as the bridge and provides opportunities for them to communicate and exchange ideas. On July, 19th 2013, a career sharing session was held at PolyU campus with guests from various sectors of the environmental and acoustic fields, namely government department, consultant, contractor and R&D. During the session, the students showed interest in joining the field and were keen to consult the guests about their expectations from fresh graduates hoping to join their teams. The guests had lots of interesting discussion with the students as well as among themselves. They also gave much invaluable advice on starting a career in different sectors of the industry. The atmosphere was really great! Thanks a lot for their participation and sharing to the students!




Guests (1st row, Left to right):

- Dr. K. W. Cheng, Chairman (2012-2014) of HKIOA

- Ms. Lighting Chan, Environmental Compliance Support Manager of Leighton Contractors (Asia) Ltd.

- Mr. Brian Kam, Senior Environmental Engineer of Gammon Construction Ltd.

- Mr. Jeffrey Tam, Technical Manager of Kinetics Noise Control (Asia) Ltd.

- Mr. Henry Leung, Senior Environmental Engineer of MTR Corporation Ltd.



Active Participation in HKIOA Events


        PolyU student branch was given the opportunity to be exposed to the network of professionals through participation and assisting in events organized by HKIOA. From taking up the reservation counter to acting as the MC of the event, the experience induces whole person development in addition to university education. Here are the highlights:


Seminar “Laboratory/Field Acoustic Testing of Building Elements” (August, 7th 2013)

DSC00078.JPG DSC00091.JPG DSC00162.JPG


Charity Event “SoundWalk with Silence” (September, 28th 2013)

131210224814213982.jpg 131210224915801555.jpg http://www.hkioa.org/upload/photo/20131210/131210225845762486.jpg


Seminar “Quiet Construction: State-of-The-Art Management & Practices” (May, 8th 2014)

http://www.hkioa.org/upload/photo/20140620/140620181547837244.jpg http://www.hkioa.org/upload/photo/20140620/140620181522806765.jpg http://www.hkioa.org/upload/photo/20140620/140620181513288429.jpg


Social Event “HKIOA Bowling Competition 2014” (April, 25th 2014)



Social Event “HKIOA X’mas Party 2015” (December, 21st 2015)




Many Thanks!!


Lastly, the branch would like to express sincere gratitude to HKIOA for providing the branch and PolyU students with invaluable opportunities of learning from the professionals in the industry. We would also like to give praise to the students for being motivated to seek opportunity for building a successful career.



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