Notice of the 2020 Annual General Meeting

11 June, 2020 Download


21st May 2020

Dear Members,
Notice of the 2020 Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the Committee of the Institute, I cordially invite you to attend the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled at 7:00 pm, on Thursday, 11th June 2020. The meeting is to be held with the help of the ZOOM Virtual Meeting System.

To join the meeting, you would need to:
- Register by filling in the reply slip attached in this Notice, with an email address. The link to the Meeting Room will be sent to your registered email address;
- Have a smart phone or PC installed with the ZOOM application (free of charge);
- The Regulations about the Procedures and Order of the Virtual Meeting will be sent to you via your registered email address;
- Enter the Meeting Room via the given link 10 – 15 mins before the time of meeting;
- WiFi connection to the smart device is suggested for a steady reception;
- Always mute the microphone when you are not speaking.

Agenda for the 2020 AGM:
1. To confirm the Proceedings of the last AGM on 21st March 2019 [a copy of the draft proceedings could be viewed on]
2. To receive the Annual Report of the Chairman
3. To receive the Financial Report of the Honorary Treasurer
4. To appoint an Auditor of the Institute for 2020/21
5. To elect Committee Members of the Institute
6. Any Other Business

If you would like to nominate candidates to stand for election for the posts of Committee Members, please complete the attached Nomination Form and send it back to us latest by Thursday, 28th May 2020. Looking forward to your participation at the AGM !

Yours faithfully,

CW Law (Dr.)
Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics

Encl. (Proxy Form, Nomination Form & Reply Slip)