Events Date Detail
Webinar on Sound Insulation in Residential Buildings - Acoustic Resilient Floor Mat 28-9-2023
Webinar on Acoustic Metamaterials for construction and industrial noise control applications in Hong Kong 11-9-2023
Technical Seminar - Acoustic Box-in-Box Design and Systems Construction 7-9-2023
Technical Visit to South China University of Technology State Key Laboratory 26-08-2023
Technical Visit to Macau 15-9-2023
Visit to Mulab - First Hand Experience of Eco-renovation in the Mock-up Laboratory 15-7-2023
HKIQEP Part 1 Professional Assessment 2023/2024 Promotion 12-8-2023
Notice of the 2023 Annual General Meeting 31-05-2023
Professional Certificate on Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control (Elective Module) May-June 2023
Application Invitation for the HKIOA Acoustics Awards 2023 15-03-2023