Introduction of HKIOA

The Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (HKIOA) was founded in 1993 in Hong Kong by a group of local acousticians. Our Mission is “To promote acoustical knowledge and practices, and at the same time, maintain and present the integrity and status of the profession to the general public and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.”

The Institute is the only learned professional acoustical society in Hong Kong and has involved and contributed to various Government’s consultation exercises related to noise control policies and legislative amendments, e.g. the legislative amendments introduced in 2002 to enhance the deterrent effect of the Noise Control legislation in Hong Kong; the Comprehensive Plan to Tackle Road Traffic Noise in 2006, and the legislative amendments introduced in 2009 to provide wider protection to the community against construction noise, etc.

Currently, the Institute has more than 400 members from different disciplines including architecture, building services, engineering consultancy, education, government, research and academics, majority of them are also Chartered Engineers or members of other local and overseas professional institutions. The Institute is a member society of International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE), West Pacific Acoustics Conference (WESPAC) and International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) and a cooperative Society of International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV).

For enhancing technical knowledge and to update members with the latest cutting-edge technology, the Institute organizes regular training courses, student awards, technical seminars and visits. Delegates of the Institute also visit and network with other institutions in the region to enable exchange of experience.

The Institute welcomes contacts with professionals from other places and will be pleased to arrange and facilitate such interactions. For enquiry, please send to GPO Box 7261, Hong Kong or email to: